Community Connection Courses

Communication Strategies for Businesses
Customised Workplace Courses
Sign Language Team Building Activities

This programme is recognised as a leader in giving organisations effective communication strategies to bridge the gap between Deaf clients, service users, colleagues and hearing staff.

In addition, we give organisations basic relevant NZSL vocabulary to assist them in their daily communications as well as an understanding of Deaf culture. These popular programmes can be tailored to meet the needs of each organisation, ranging from two-hour workshops to 16-week block courses.

We have particularly enjoyed working with Hearing House and have signed up for a second course.

Our objective is to make Auckland the most Deaf-friendly city in the world, and it seems our reputation has spread beyond the Bombay Hills! When we received a request from Parliamentary Services to deliver a course in Wellington, we were more than happy to oblige

Contact the Auckland Deaf Society Programme Administrator for guidance on course options, costings and the booking process. We will discuss any requirements that you/your organisation, company or group wish to include in your programme.