NZSL for Businesses and Organisations

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Our ‘New Zealand Sign Language in the Community’ courses give businesses and organisations the opportunity to learn relevant NZSL vocabulary to communicate with your Deaf colleagues, staff and customers.

It is fantastic team building activity for the workplace, developing communication, presentation, public speaking skills for staff members. It is also lots of fun!

The course is designed to fit easily into the working week  and is tailored to the language needs of your staff and/or customers. The course runs in four week blocks of 90 mins each and can be held and in your workplace or here at Auckland Deaf Society.

To see if this might be something that could enhance your business why not give it a try at one of our FREE Sign Sampler sessions.

Sign Sampler

A quick and ‘FREE’ 30 minutes sign language sample mini-course will give you and your staff an insight into NZSL related to your specific workplace vocabularies such as:

  1. Fast moving consumer (petrol stations, take-away shops)
  2. Hospitality (motels, hairdressers, restaurants)
  3. Retail (shops, repair centres)
  4. Disability (health and recreational services)
  5. Businesses (companies, small businesses, factories)

Contact Programme Administrator and you will receive a guidance on the course/s options, costing’s and booking process. We will discuss any requirements that you/your organisation, company or group wish to include in the programme.