NZSL Timetable & Registrations


To view the current timetable and register for a class, please
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If you have any queries, please contact the Programme Administrator on email: or phone: (09) 630 6980.

NZSL classes are held in:

  • Balmoral (Auckland Deaf Society – Sign Language Hub)
  • West Auckland (New Lynn Community Centre)
  • North Shore (Bays Community Centre, Browns Bay)
  • South Auckland (Anton Cenre, Flat Bush).

If you are interested in attending one of our NZSL related activities e.g. monthly NZSL Students Social Club, Communication Games, Deaf Deaf World, Fingerspelling Triathlon, etc. please contact Programme Administrator and you will be notified about these events by emails.

How the NZSL levels and courses work:

There are two semesters every year. Each semester is usually 16 weeks long – 2 x 8 week terms. There are six courses:

  • Beginners 1 and Beginners 2
  • Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2
  • Advanced 1 and Advanced 2

You can complete two courses per year. For example, in one year do Beginners 1 and Beginners 2, then the following year do Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2 and so on.

Prices for each 16-week course:

NZSL Beginners $200.00 | NZSL Intermediate $210.00 | NZSL Advanced $220.00


To confirm your enrolment, please organise your payment before your first class. You can:

  1. Pay online. Account No. 12 -3067-0262615-00. Reference: Include your full name and class level.
  2. Visit our office at 164 Balmoral Road, Balmoral and pay by cash or Eftpos.
  3. Pay by cheque.

Once your payment has been received, a confirmation letter will be sent to you within couple of working days to confirm your status of enrolment.

If you would like a receipt, or if you have any questions about our NZSL programme, email the Programme Administrator here.

Timetable semester 1 2017_alts

Balmoral, West Auckland and South Auckland term dates:

  • Term 1 – 13th Feb – 8th April (8 weeks)
  • Term 2 – 1st May – 24th June (8 weeks)

All Monday classes will finish on 26th June due to the Queen’s Birthday public holiday.

North Shore term dates – Thursdays 2017:

  • Term 1 – 16th Feb to 20th April (10 weeks x 1.5-hour classes)
  • Term 2 – 4th May to 6th July (10 weeks x 1.5-hour classes)